A simple solution for internal communication.

Tacit Space Briefer is a simple internal communication app that works the same on all your devices.

It is the answer to the questions "where should I write this down?" and "where did we write it down again?" It is a bank for your information wealth. Use it on your own, or build a shared memory for your team.

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Boost your work

Modern work requires dealing with a lot of information and decisions. Successful teams and individuals around the world have realized that they can benefit from an external coach. Having a non-judgmental professional to talk to helps face challenges and boost results.

Team coaching

1500 € (+ VAT)

Team coaching is based on psychological problem solving research. Researched principles guide the coaching process, and the content is created together with the participants for every session.

In team coaching, the coach works as an active listener, guiding the team towards opening up important issues, and helping them reach solutions.

A single booking consists of a four hour long session. The number of participants is flexible, but usually 2-5 participants is optimal.

These topics are usually discussed in the coaching sessions:
What do I want? What is my role in this team?What is the purpose of this team? What are we working towards?What values and principles are we not prepared to work against?Who do we affect with our actions?How can we communicate with other people and teams?What is the story of our purpose that we tell others?How can we give honest feedback to each other?Do we have the right tools to succeed?What kind of leadership do we want? How can we lead?
Some examples of challenges team coaching has been useful for:
Defining and communicating a clear set of valuesManaging a growing organizationLearning how to make efficient decisions as a groupFacing conflict as leaders of their organizationImplementing change, communicating goals to employeesBuilding a new team, finding common ground

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Here is some feedback we've received.

Samuli Kinnunen
Technical artist
Stolen Shoes Entertainment

We use Briefer every day, it works and we like it, so it seems you weren’t wrong with this product!

Jussi Puurula
JP Structural Design Oy

Simply the easiest way to store important information.

Finnish building contractor

Projects are made faster by days, when the different professionals at our building sites get the right information and know when the sites are ready for them

Private Briefer user

With Briefer we practically start our Monday meetings on the previous Thursday! Most of the things get dealt with before the actual meeting, and we use the time to discuss around 1/10 of the original agenda.

Private Briefer user

I like to store screenshots of recipes I find on the internet. Briefer is good for sharing those with my family.

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About Us

Work is changing. Today's technology would be like magic to the people of previous times. Old ways of doing things are dying. This could be a good thing, but it isn't for everybody. We see people buried under their work and under the pressure of changing rules. When we woke up to this in 2016, we decided to do something about it. We believe that whether change is good or bad is up to us.

We started working on products and services to make things better for ourselves as well as others. We developed Briefer, a tool that helps you collect the right information, and gives it to you when you need it. This is so that everyone can survive in today's storm of information.

We are constantly searching for what work should be like. That is why we developed a coaching service to boost clients' work.

We want to help current professionals, but also students, who will become the next generation of professionals. That is why we support the teachers of some schools for free, such as the school of Honganpalo in Raahe.

We’re from Finland, a country near the Arctic. Our people are known for their awkward silences, honesty and hard work. Finland is the source for the world’s best software engineers, due to our world class education system!

Matias Oksa

Code Ninja


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